The 10X has its origins in a 900-mile drive songwriter Jeff Gingrich made in early 2015 to buy a 1982 Juno 6 synthesizer. It was an essential purchase, the synth becoming a cornerstone of the 10X’s signature sound — earworming hooks, surging melodies, and anthemic choruses delivered via a veneer of crystalline production, all things Gingrich had honed in previous bands. After releasing their three-song debut EP, the band in 2016 relocated from Flint, Michigan, to Nashville. The shift in locale allowed Gingrich to collaborate with longtime friend Ben Schuller on the song “Skull and Bones”, heralded as a “Best of 2017” by many independent Spotify curators. With Parker Moore having joined Gingrich on drums in 2017, the 10X is readying to release their distinctive brand of urgent, shimmering pop-rock on a series of EPs spread across 2018.
-Cole Waterman via Popmatters


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